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2013 Frozen Four: SBNation's experts pick the winners

SBNation's college hockey writers pick the winners of this year's Frozen Four.

Jeff Cox, Chris Dilks, Ryan Durling, Travis Hughes, Andy Johnson, Nate Wells and Joshua Kummins select the winners of this year's Frozen Four. All seven of our writers have UMass-Lowell defeating Yale while the other semifinal is more a toss up. Five of our seven writers have UMass-Lowell winning it all with two holdouts for Quinnipiac.

UMass-Lowell vs. Yale Quinnipiac vs. St. Cloud National Champion
Jeff Cox UMass-Lowell St. Cloud UMass-Lowell
Chris Dilks UMass-Lowell Quinnipiac Quinnipiac
Ryan Durling UMass-Lowell St. Cloud UMass-Lowell
Travis Hughes UMass-Lowell Quinnipiac Quinnipiac
Andy Johnson UMass-Lowell St. Cloud UMass-Lowell
Joshua Kummins UMass-Lowell Quinnipiac UMass-Lowell
Nathan Wells UMass-Lowell Quinnipiac UMass-Lowell