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Gopherfreude: Top 10 Reasons Minnesota Lost to Yale

How Yale beat Minnesota in the NCAA tournament


Yeah, yeah, yeah, single elimination, high variance and whatnot. You still chuckled when Jesse Root scored that goal. Here are the top ten reasons that Minnesota was upset by Yale in the NCAA tournament.

10. Absolutely nothing to do with how well Yale played.

9. Are you sure they lost? Then why is Fox Sports North still calling them the #1 team in the country?

8. It was a protest over being place in the same regional as North Dakota

7. They were already handed the national title in October, so why even bother?

6. Yale had the audacity to play the sport that Minnesota owns.

5. The NCAA made them play on Friday, and the Gophers don't do Fridays.

4. Quinnipiac beat Yale three times by three or more goals,and clearly Minnesota was not as good as Quinnipiac.

3. They offered the position of game-winning goal scorer to dozens of candidates during the third intermission and were turned down by all of them.

2. Minnesota actually could have had like 8 or 9 goals, but USA Hockey places a quota on how many NCAA tournament goals can come from Minnesota.

1. With the recruiting classes Minnesota has coming in, they didn't have room in the trophy case for the 2013 national title. In fact, they didn't even make an offer.