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Final Day CCHA Playoff Scenarios

A league title and home ice in the first round of the playoffs is still on the line.

Jonathan Daniel

It's the last day of the CCHA regular season, and besides the fact that Michigan State will finish in last place in the league for the first time in CCHA history--as good a time as any, I suppose--there's very little we know about who will win the league title, and how the playoff seedings will work out.

Here are the CCHA standings heading into tonight.

Tiebreakers in the CCHA work like this: 1. Conference wins(Not counting shootout wins; just real wins) 2. Winning percentage against teams tied for that spot 3. Goal differential between the other teams tied for that spot 4. Best winning percentage against teams ahead of the tied teams in the conference. 5. Coin toss

The league split in a pretty convenient place this year with a pretty wide gap between1-5 and 6-11. Miami, Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Ferris are all guaranteed byes next weekend. Ohio State will host Ferris State in the 4/5 match-up on the second weekend unless Ferris State beats Michigan pre-shootout, and Ohio State loses to Miami pre-shootout. Miami controls their own destiny for the league title, holding a two-point lead on Western Michigan and three point lead on Notre Dame.

In the bottom half of the league, things are murkier. Alaska will host Michigan State in the 6-11 match-up next weekend, but spots 7-10 are pretty crazy as teams claw for the last two home ice spots. Here's a look at scenarios from Bowling Green's perspective. Here's Northern Michigan's perspective. And Michigan's perspective.