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Game 3 Final Scoring: Minnesota State 3 Nebraska-Omaha 1

Final scoring from Minnesota State's 3-1 win over Nebraska-Omaha.

Larry Radloff/

Minnesota State wins 3-1 and advances to the Final Five for the first

First Period

8:23 Bryce Gervais from Chase Grant and Matt Leitner 1-0 Minnesota State

Grant made a nice pass from behind the net to Gervais in the slot, who one-time the puck past Faulkner.

13:45 Max Gaede from Taylor Herndon and Zech Lehrke 2-0 Minnesota State

Gaede rushed down the right side of the ice, and a defensive breakdown by UNO allowed him to cut in towards the net. Gaede made a nice move to his backhand and flipped the puck past Faulkner on the far side.

Second Period

18:43 Dominic Zombo from Josh Archibald and Ryan Walters 2-1 Minnesota State

Archibald fired a shot that deflected off Zombo's skate, and the fluttering puck found Williams' five hole for the goal.

Third Period

4:30 Matt Leitner from Jean-Paul LaFontaine and Eriah Hayes 3-1 Minnesota State