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Analyzing the WCHA's remaining schedule

Wisconsin has by far the toughest remaining schedule on paper while Nebraska-Omaha appears to have the easiest strength of schedule the rest of the way.

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As the WCHA regular season winds down, teams will be jockeying for playoff positioning whether it is for the coveted MacNaughton Cup and the number one seed that comes with it or the race for home ice. Let's take a look at the remaining schedules and see what team will have the easiest or most difficult finish to the regular season.

Team Pts. Remaining Opponents Schedule Rank * Average Points of Remaining Opponents
St. Cloud 31 CC, MTU, UW 11 20.33
North Dakota 28 BSU, MSU, DU 9 21.00
Minnesota 26 UW, UMD, DU, BSU 10 20.50
Nebraska-Omaha 26 UAA, UW, UMD 12 18.00
Denver 25 UND, UMN, UAA T-7 21.33
Minnesota State 25 MTU, CC, UND T-7 21.33
Wisconsin 25 UMN, UNO, SCSU 1 27.67
Colorado College 20 SCSU, MSU, MTU 5 24.00
Minnesota-Duluth 19 BSU, UMN, UNO 6 21.67
Michigan Tech 16 MSU, SCSU, CC 3 25.33
Bemidji State 13 UMD, UND, UMN 4 24.33
Alaska-Anchorage 10 UNO, DU 2 25.50

* Schedule Rank is determined by the average points of the remaining opponents. For example, Alaska-Anchorage plays UNO (26) and DU (25) twice each. To find the Seawolves remaining schedule strength, divide 102 by 4.

All teams have six conference games yet to play except Minnesota with eight left and Alaska-Anchorage with only four.

Editor's Note: This column will run each Monday or Tuesday until the regular season is over. SBNation and Western College Hockey will keep readers up-to-date on magic numbers for clinching the MacNaughton Cup and for home ice starting next week.

Jeff Cox covers college hockey for SBNation. Follow him on twitter @JeffCoxSBNation.