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Weather Delay Pushes Back Great Lakes Invitational Games

Warm temperatures and sunshine will cause the outdoor GLI games to be pushed back.

An approximated photo of the Comerica Park ice surface
An approximated photo of the Comerica Park ice surface
Ian MacNicol

I was only half-joking yesterday, when I said that Friday's losers would be swimming in the Great Lakes Invitational consolation game on Saturday afternoon.

Unfavorable weather conditions, which included temperatures that reached into the low-40s, and some sunshine, have caused today's GLI consolation game between Michigan and Michigan State to be delayed for at least an hour with a scheduled start time of 4:30, which also pushes the scheduled start time of the championship game between Western Michigan and Michigan Tech. Even that might be a stretch though. Last night's 7:00pm start time for the second game was pushed back by an hour while arena staff worked on the ice, and similar work could be required this evening.

Some cloud cover is expected to roll in to Detroit which should help, and sundown is scheduled for 5:07 in Detroit, which should help a bit, but temperatures will remain above freezing for most of the evening.