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Ryerson Suspends Entire Hockey Team After Trip to Princeton

A wild weekend in New Jersey will force the school to forfeit two games.

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Toronto's Ryerson University played a pair of preseason exhibitions against Princeton October 18th and 19th. Princeton won both games, beating the Rams by scores of 4-3, and 6-3. But that was apparently the least interesting thing to happen to the Canadian University team on that trip.

The Canadian Press reported today that Ryerson has suspended the entire team for seven days due to "the consumption of alcohol" on the trip, which violates the university's code of conduct for student-athletes. The Ryerson school newspaper reports that players were drinking in their hotel while coaches were analyzing game footage, and that hotel management had to intervene after noise complaints and disruptions.

That seven-day suspension is no small thing either. Ryerson was scheduled to play two games within that time frame that they will now forfeit. The team's head coach, Graham Wise, will also be forced to miss four games as a result of the incident, while an assistant coach has been relieved of his duties.