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College Hockey Rankings Round-Up

Minnesota is still the consensus number one

Matt Christians

Here is this week's big board of college hockey rankings:

Rk SB Nation USA Today USCHO Buccigross Pairwise KRACH
1 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
2 Providence Michigan Michigan Providence Providence Boston College
3 Michigan Notre Dame St. Cloud Michigan St. Cloud Quinnipiac
4 Boston College St. Cloud Notre Dame Miami Quinnipiac St. Cloud
5 St. Cloud Quinnipiac Providence Boston College Michigan Michigan
6 Quinnipiac Providence Quinnipiac Notre Dame Boston College Providence
7 Miami Boston College Boston College St. Cloud Ferris State St. Lawrence
8 Notre Dame Miami Miami Quinnipiac Miami Miami
9 Clarkson Yale Yale Yale Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Northeastern RPI RPI Clarkson Northeastern Northeastern
Clarkson Clarkson
Lake Superior Ferris State
Wisconsin Wisconsin
RPI Yale
UMass-Lowell North Dakota
Wisconsin Wisconsin
North Dakota Ferris State
St. Lawrence Lake Superior
Ferris State Lake Superior
Clarkson UMass-Lowell

Yale RPI

St. Lawrence
Bowling Green Brown

Brown Bowling Green

Union Boston University

UMass-Lowell Clarkson

A few notes on the various polls:

-Minnesota is still number one in everyone's poll, despite losing a game to Notre Dame last weekend. Their margin in most every poll shrunk considerably though.

-If KRACH has one major flaw, it's that it doesn't quite know what to do with undefeated teams. Luckily, after Minnesota and St. Cloud took losses on Friday night, everybody had at least one loss, and KRACH started looking a lot more realistic.

-All four human polls have the same combination of the top eight teams this week. The computer polls also have pretty much the same combination, with the exception of Notre Dame being outside the top 8 in both Pairwise and KRACH. It's kind of funny, because there was some surprise that Notre Dame didn't move up higher after beating #1 Minnesota last week, but if anything, it seems like the human polls have overrated the Irish a bit.

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