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Hey, We've Got A New Name

Western College Hockey has become SBN College Hockey

When I first created the Western College Hockey Blog as a hobby eight years ago, I never could have guessed that the site would grow in the way it has since then. One of the biggest changes came last year, when our coverage expanded to cover the entirety of college hockey. Thanks to the hard work of our staff on the east coast, covering the Hockey East, the ECAC, and Atlantic Hockey, it become apparent that having the direction 'Western' in the title of the site was going to be limiting.

That's why today, as a new college hockey season begins, we are officially re-branding this site as "SBN College Hockey". You'll notice a snazzy new logo in the upper left corner of the site, and a new URL--the old URL will automatically redirect you to the new one-- but otherwise, nothing is changing besides the name. It's the same staff, same site design, same editorial direction, just more appropriately titled. You can still find us on Twitter at @SBNCollegePuck.

A big thanks goes out to our bosses at SB Nation, and our SBN Tech Team for helping us make this transition, and for their commitment to giving a place for college hockey coverage on one of the web's largest sports networks. There's a lot of other great college hockey sites on the internet, but this is one of the only places to find college hockey coverage alongside world-class coverage of more mainstream sports, and it's an honor and a pleasure to bring that coverage to you.

Chris Dilks

Managing Editor, SBN College Hockey