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Three stars, three scars: A bad weekend for good teams

Parity may have been the name of the game in Hockey East this weekend, but there's plenty of reasons for it.

I know that gambling isn't legal, but if it were, I'm curious what picking Maine to sweep BC at Conte Forum would've paid out.

Three Stars

First Star: Tim Whitehead's teamThis isn't a place to celebrate teams, usually, but it's hard not to give Maine a world of credit for heading into Chestnut Hill and making a statement. Sure, BC was playing a few men down and their usually steady lines had been broken up on account of it, but the bigger story on the weekend was the Black Bears - somehow, Tim Whitehead finally got all that talent to show up and play together. Amid a swirling sea of opponents asking for his head (or at least his removal from his position, this was a huge weekend for the Mainers.

Second Star: Riley Wetmore Twice Lowell had to fight back from substantial third-period deficits against Northeastern this weekend, and twice it was Wetmore playing a big role in the comebacks. On Friday night, he helped set up Daniel Furlong's first goal in answer to Northeastern starting the third period with a quick goal, and on Saturday, it was Wetmore capping a three-goal third period with his ninth goal of the season with just 56 seconds showing on the scoreboard.

Third Star: Mike Collins The Merrimack captain doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves, but he's been steady as they come and has come up huge in big spots for the Warriors. His two goals on Friday night boosted Merrimack to a surprise win over visiting UNH, keeping Merrimack in contention for that last home-ice spot.

Three Scars

First Scar: Northeastern's third period Sure, BC lost two at home to Maine, but the Eagles never held leads, much less big leads in the third period. The Huskies did, in consecutive games, against college hockey's hottest team, with crucial points on the line, and in consecutive games, the Huskies left the ice without two points. There's a bigger issue at play here, but it's tough to believe that it isn't one we're all aware of.

Second Scar: BC's Depth It's tough to say just what happened to Boston College this weekend, but any of the arguments have one thing in common: the Eagles had better be healthy in a couple weeks or else their potency come March could be in jeopardy. Jerry York likes his teams to be ready to make a push once the Beanpot arrives, and that means that these Eagles have exactly one week to get right to keep their coach comfortable.

Third Scar: UNH's Defense The Wildcats appear here because there isn't much more to say that hasn't already been said about BC and Northeastern's play this weekend, and only appear here on a technicality. In their three conference games on the year, UNH hadn't been outshot. In two games against Merrimack this weekend, they were outshot twice. A split on the weekend doesn't make the inequity loom as large as it otherwise might, but when Casey DeSmith has been struggling to begin with, the Wildcats can't get in a habit of letting him see more rubber than they put on their opponents' net.