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NAHL Coach Imitates a Blind Ref on the Ice

Wenatchee Wild assistant coach Chris Clark went out onto the ice imitating a blind person to show his displeasure with the officiating.

So Chris Clark, a former goalie at Minnesota State known for his colorful personality, and current assistant coach of the Wenatchee Wild, did this on Saturday night. I think the video pretty much speaks for itself:

As a little background, here's the box score from Saturday night's game between Wenatchee and the Kenai River Brown Bears. Wenatchee scored to tie the game at one apiece at 11:31 of the third period, but somehow Wenatchee head coach Bliss Littler came out of it with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Two minutes later, Kenai River scored what would end up being the game-winning goal, and a fight broke out after the goal, with Wenatchee ending up with way more penalties out of the scrum. After that, apparently Clark had seen enough and went out onto the ice with his stick and glasses.

It's also worth noting that the Wenatchee Wild recently had their application approved by USA Hockey to move to the BCHL next season--a moved designed to cut down their insane travel schedule--so this will be the Wild's last year in the NAHL.

All in all, I give Clark's outburst about a 8.5 out of 10, just for the dedication to the bit(he had props!). But there can only be one king, and it still doesn't top the greatest coach-on-the-ice moment ever.