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North Dakota Adds to Suspension List

The University of North Dakota has handed out a second set of suspensions as a result of a September 15th party that has already caused their four captains to be suspended for the first game of the season. This time it is sophomores Connor Gaarder, Andrew Panzarella, and Stephane Pattyn that will face a one game suspension ,but this time, for the team's second game of the season against Alaska.

With a second set of suspensions, all to players over the legal drinking age of 21, it would seem confirm that the issue here is more than just your garden variety underage drinking charges, and that there may be something more serious here. The release North Dakota sent out once again reiterated that their suspensions did not preclude further action from higher authorities.

In addition, North Dakota also announced one game suspensions for Danny Kristo and Brendan O'Donnell, for violations of UND athletic policy, unrelated to the party. For Kristo, that means he will now sit out both games of the team's trip to Alaska to open the season. O'Donnell will join his team's captains on the sidelines for the first game of the season against Alaska-Anchorage.