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North Dakota Suspends Captains

North Dakota announced today that they have suspended all four of their captains--Andrew MacWilliam, Corban Knight, Danny Kristo, and Carter Rowney-- for the team's first game of the season against Alaska-Anchorage. The suspension stems from a team party held last Saturday night.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the party, but in the university's release, athletic director Braid Faison said that these suspensions did not preclude "possible additional measures by the department, or actions by the University or local and state authorities".

Obviously we're not working with many details here. If the issue at hand is just drinking, it's probably no big deal. But Faison's statements about involving local and state authorities, combined with common knowledge about what can go on at team initiation parties around the hockey world, may mean this could be a little more serious for North Dakota.