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The Most Important Issue in College Hockey Has Been Solved

We've been anxiously awaiting this since the end of April and now it's here...College Hockey Inc's new governing board is now official!

Instead of being overseen by just the five conference commissioners, Brad Schlossman is reporting that North Dakota's Dave Hakstol, Bowling Green's Jim Elsasser, Vermont's Bob Corran, RPI's Jim Knowlton, and Canisius' Dave Smith will serve on the board along with the five conference commissioners.

So in a summer where men's basketball, a sport that faces no real outside competition for talent, gained the ability to make unlimited phone calls and texts to young prospects without having to worry about players calling them back, men's ice hockey got down to the really important issues and solved them by adding a pointless layer of bureaucracy to an already pointless layer of bureaucracy.

I know what you're thinking. Only one question remains now. Who will co-chair the committee to oversee this new board??? Baby steps. There's always next summer.