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Connor Carrick Latest to Leave NTDP for the OHL

One of these guys is still going to college.
One of these guys is still going to college.

Red flags were raised all over the place earlier this week when the rights to outgoing NTDP defenseman and 5th round Washington Capitals draft pick Connor Carrick were traded to the Plymouth Whalers. Those concerns were justified this morning when Carrick announced that he would be signing with the Whalers rather than enrolling at Michigan.

The Whalers were in a position to promise more immediate playing time to Carrick, but man, if he was looking at Michigan's defensive depth chart, and how some of those guys played last year, and didn't see himself getting consistent minutes as the team's fourth or fifth defenseman this year, then pro hockey really shouldn't be much of a consideration for him. But just like with the other outgoing NTDP players to sign in the CHL, the Whalers were able to convince Carrick that their option was best for him whereas Michigan was not. In the end, there's really nobody to blame but Michigan.

The damage might be over for Michigan either. Reports from various sources within the past week have pegged the odds at 50/50 for both incoming freshman Jacob Trouba and returning sophomore Phil DiGiuseppe skating for the Wolverines next year.