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Boston College Wins the 2012 National Championship

For the third time in the last five years, Boston College has won the national championship. Given the randomness of a one-and-done tournament, that's about as dominating and as close to a dynasty as I think we're going to see for some time. The Eagles have had a near monopoly on talent in the northeastern United States, but even with those advantages, winning like they have is easier said than done. Jerry York isn't just one of the best coaches in college hockey. He's also one of the sport's classiest people, and his team has adopted those same qualities.

Meanwhile, Ferris State's incredible run came to an end. They gave the Eagles a a good game, easily BC's toughest of the tournament,, but ultimately, Boston College had too much talent for them. There's no shame in that since every other team in college hockey is in the same position. The Bulldogs' run was a refreshing reminder that as much as some schools feel there isn't room for small schools like Ferris State in this sport, and try to backroom deal them out of existence, the game is still played on the ice, and there is still a place for the great small programs in this sport.