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That Crazy Alex Mason Goal

A Googling public has spoken. Lots of people seem interested in the soon-to-be-viral video of Detroit Lakes senior forward Alex Mason scoring a ridiculous shorthanded breakaway goal. That's a fantastic play, and something I've never really seen before. That goal was one of two goals scored by Mason in Detroit Lakes 5-1 win over Bagley/Fosston on February 10th. He followed that up with 2 goals and 3 assists the following night in a 5-1 win over Northern Lakes.

Mason is an interesting story. He's a Native American from the White Earth Indian Reservation, but chose to go to school at Detroit Lakes to help his hockey career. Mason currently leads Detroit Lakes' team with 14 goals and 23 assists for 37 points in 24 games. He appears to have junior hockey aspirations after this year, and plays like that should help get his name out there.