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Hockey East Power Rankings: Here Come the Wildcats

After being the only team to sweep in Hockey East this weekend, UNH is back atop the power rankings.

If there were ever a time for a tie atop the power rankings, this week (and, presumably, the next five weeks leading up to January 11th) would be it. But power rankings, as any rankings, are meant to stir up controversy, so here we are.

1. New Hampshire

The Wildcats are the only team in the country with less than two losses. And they still haven't been beaten in regulation. And they like to score goals now. And still have Casey DeSmith. So yeah.

2. Boston College

The offensive explosion that came from the Eagles' power play on Saturday night is encouraging, but BU proved that forcing their cross-town rivals to the walls in the neutral zone can create turnovers, and if BC runs into a team that's quick enough to turn turnovers into chances, they're beatable.

3. Boston University

A huge win for the Terriers on Friday night, but Jack Parker's squad isn't experienced enough in net to have parades to the penalty box like they did on Saturday.

4. Providence

The biggest gap in points exists between UNH (17) and BU (12), but the two points between the Terriers and Friars may as well be 20.

5. Merrimack

Good teams win close games. Merrimack went 1-1 in close games this weekend, but there's no argument for any of the teams below them to be ranked higher.

6. Vermont

A three-point weekend can do a lot for you when there's only six points between last place and the last home-ice spot in the conference playoffs.

7. UMass

Kevin Boyle might be the real deal between the pipes for John Micheletto, but he's got an awful lot of growing up to do if UMass wants to contend for that last home-ice spot.

8. Northeastern

In the four conference games in which they've earned points, Northeastern has allowed just three goals. In the seven they've lost, they've allowed 31.

9. Lowell

Last year, Doug Carr may have been the best goaltender in the league. This year, he's a sieve. That team projected to finish second in the conference has their work cut out for them in 2013 if they want to get to that level.

10. Maine

Not much to say when you lose a home series to Vermont. On the plus side, the Black Bears are still just three points from a playoff spot and six from home ice.