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Video: Jacob Trouba's Hit

Video of Jacob Trouba's controversial hit last Friday night.

Jamie Sabau

We're a few weeks into the college hockey season, and so far, we've been without any big controversies over dangerous hits to the head. Canisius sophomore Matthew Grazen was suspended seven games for a check from behind, but, well, that was Canisius, and the Golden Griffs are never going to draw much in the way of headlines. And apparently cameras didn't catch(at least to my knowledge) Eriah Hayes' hit that knocked St. Cloud's Ben Hanowski out with an ongoing concussion.

There was quite a bit of uproar in Marquette last Friday night, however, over a hit by Michigan's Jacob Trouba to Northern Michigan's Reed Seckel. Today, a YouTube video of the play has surfaced, allowing everyone to draw their own conclusions. Here's the video:

Trouba was assessed a five-minute major for contact to the head and given a game disqualification on the play. That's a tough play because it certainly doesn't look like Trouba is trying to target Seckel's head, nor does he lead with his elbow. That said, he ends up catching Seckel pretty high since Seckel was leaning forward at the time of the hit, and it ended up being a pretty dangerous, and scary play. Thankfully, Seckel was able to return to the ice the following night.

I tend to lean towards agreeing with the suspension. I wouldn't have gone any longer because of Trouba's intent, but it's still a really dangerous play on a vulnerable player. I can see a lot of differing opinions on this one though. Let us know what you think.