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Video: Two Controversial Majors in Minnesota/Wisconsin Game

It's been a typical physical, emotional battle between long-time rivals Minnesota and Wisconsin tonight. So far, the biggest story of the night has been Wisconsin losing two players to five-minute majors on what many are considering questionable calls.

Courtesy of CJ Fogler (@cjzero on Twitter), here are videos of the two plays.

The first is a call for checking from behind on Wisconsin's Joseph LaBate:

He definitely hits Haula from behind, but that is by no means a dangerous hit. I can't see a team getting a five-minute power play on that.

The second was a call on Wisconsin's Tyler Barnes for contact to the head.

That one looks to me like a very hard, clean hit. Barnes maybe makes contact a bit high, but certainly makes no extra effort to make an illegal hit. It's worth noting that Serratore went directly to the locker room after the hit, which may have affected the officials' decision.

Wisconsin killed off both penalties, so they didn't have any direct effect on the outcome, but it did cost Wisconsin two top six forwards, and put the Badgers on their heels for a sixth of the game.