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Kerdiles Ruled Ineligiible for One Year by NCAA

As tweeted by both SB Nation's Andy Johnson, and veteran Wisconsin journalist Andy Baggot, Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves announced today that Nic Kerdiles has been ruled ineligible for one season by the NCAA, and that Wisconsin will be appealing the suspension.

The one-year suspension is a pretty devastating one. Though Kerdiles is young enough to return to junior hockey, his suspension would have to be served in institution, meaning he'd have to be enrolled at Wisconsin. Essentially that means he'd have to go an entire year without playing hockey, outside of potentially participating with the US World Junior team.

For a highly drafted player that likely wasn't expecting to spend four years in college anyway, the idea of missing an entire year of development may be enough to push him toward the WHL, where his rights are held by the Kelowna Rockets. Kerdiles NHL rights are held by the Anaheim Ducks, and they likely won't be thrilled with one of their top young prospects going so long without game action as well. If Wisconsin's appeal is unsuccessful, it seems unlikely that Kerdiles ever suits for Wisconsin, and it would be difficult to blame him if he didn't.