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Facebook Photos Rumored Culprit in Kerdiles Case

The issue that caused Nic Kerdiles to be ruled ineligible for Wisconsin's first exhibition game, and potentially longer is starting to surface.

Andy Johnson, Wisconsin hockey writer for SB Nation's Wisconsin site Bucky's Fifth Quarter, is reporting that the incident the NCAA is currently looking into regarding Kerdiles involves his relationship with his advisors at Pulver Sports, and some alleged photos that appeared on Facebook after the NHL Draft of Kerdiles out at a dinner with other top NHL Draft prospects.

It's highly common practice for potential NHL prospects playing college hockey to have NHL agents represent them in an unofficial capacity as "advisors". The key to keeping that relationship kosher with the NCAA is making sure that relationship stays unofficial, with neither the agent nor the athlete receiving compensation for their services, and the agent not using that relationship for promotional purposes.

So I guess Kerdiles needs to produce some dinner receipts to satisfy the NCAA, which seems kind of silly in the grand scheme of things. Honestly, it appears that if Kerdiles misses any more than the exhibition game he already missed, it would be too heavy a punishment for the alleged crime.