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CCHA Preseason Polls

The CCHA released their preseason media and coaches polls today.

J. Meric - Getty Images

The coaches and media released their preseason polls for the CCHA today, and they were split on the league's top team. Michigan led the way in the media poll, gaining 50 of the 87 first place votes, while seven of the league's coaches selected Notre Dame for the top spot, undeterred by Notre Dame's 8th place finish last season.

Here are the full poll results:

Coaches Poll Media Poll
1. Notre Dame (7) 105 1. Michigan (50) 903
2. Michigan (2) 100 2. Western Michigan (25) 825
3. Western Michigan (2) 97 3. Notre Dame (9) 765
4. Miami 78 4. Ferris State (3) 626
5. Ferris State 67 5. Miami 622
6. Ohio State 66 6. Michigan State 528
7. Michigan State 56 7. Ohio State 438
8. Bowling Green 43 8. Northern Michigan 389
9. Northern Michigan 43 9. Bowling Green 264
10. Alaska 31 10. Lake Superior 232
11. Lake Superior 29 11. Alaska 150

As you can see, the media poll seems a little more slanted towards last year's results, especially with Ferris State picking up first place votes, despite how much they lost due to graduation.

One of the bigger surprises is how much faith both the coaches and the media have in Bowling Green, since you have to travel back to 2007-2008 to find a Falcon team that finished that high in the standings.

All in all, this looks to be exciting and competitive season in the final year of the CCHA. Despite how these votes shook out, I'm not entirely confident in teams like Michigan and Miami maintaining their recent success after all they've lost, while projected midpack teams like Ohio State and Michigan State seem to be on the upswing, which should help make this a really wide open race.