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St. Cloud/Minnesota State First Period Notes


No scoring in the period.

Shots: St. Cloud State 9 Minnesota State 6


Jarrod Rabey was a late addition to the lineup, replacing David Morley at forward after warm-ups. There was no reason given for why Morley was scratched.

There was a scrum in front of the Minnesota State net 38 seconds in that led to some heavy pushing and shoving, followed by two quick penalties as the refs tried to take control of the game, leading to 12 minutes of penalties being assessed in first 2:03 of the period.

St. Cloud controlled the early moments of the first period, and generated a couple nice chances that Williams had to be sharp to stop. Minnesota State answered back with a few quality chances of their own, including a semi-breakaway by Bryce Gervais, but could not score. Overall, it was a pretty even period, with neither team really dominating for more than a few minutes over any given stretch.