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NCAA Won't Hear Kerdiles Appeal This Week

Andy Baggott of the Wisconsin State Journal reported this morning via Twitter that Wisconsin officials confirmed the NCAA will not hear Wisconsin's appeal to the year-long suspension of Nic Kerdiles, and that there was no timetable set for when they will hear that appeal.

So if this story wasn't frustrating enough for college hockey fans, you get to bang your head against the desk another time. As stupid as this whole seems to being with, the NCAA dithering on a decision and leaving both Kerdiles and Wisconsin hanging in the wind for another week while the Badgers have two important non-conference games this weekend against Northern Michigan is particularly frustrating.

Kerdiles wasn't likely to play this week anyway, regardless of the NCAA's decision. He was excused from practice on Tuesday and Wednesday with what Mike Eaves called a "persistent headache;" something anyone who has followed this story can probably relate to. But if the NCAA is insistent on bullying Kerdiles out of college hockey to make some kind strange, extreme example of him, they should just take their pound of flesh and let Kerdiles move to the WHL.