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WCHA Suspends UNO's Zombo

In a shocking announcement, the WCHA actually announced that they had handed out supplemental discipline by suspending a player for one game next weekend. In even more shocking news, that player was neither Trevor Bruess nor that guy that made it onto famed ESPN talk show The Gentleman's Yellery and made us all look like jerks.

The WCHA announced a one-game suspension for Nebraska-Omaha's Dominic Zombo for a knee-to-knee hit on Minnesota-Duluth's JT Brown. Zombo was only assessed a two-minute penalty on the play. Many Duluth fans were perplexed why the hit didn't draw a five-minute major penalty. If only there were some short, lupine-themed fable to help explain it.

Zombo will miss UNO's next game, on Friday against Minnesota State, and given his 0 points through 23 games this year, he'll probably miss it more than the game will miss him.

The WCHA's suspension comes a week after the CCHA got serious about discipline, suspending Lake Superior's Andrew Perrault for one game, and Miami's Tyler Biggs for two games for contact to the head penalties.