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More on the Michigan Stadium Winter Classic

Earlier this week, I rambled to the conclusion that next year probably isn't the right time for the University of Michigan to host another outdoor hockey game.

Brian Cook of MGoBlog provides a pretty devastating counterpoint though:

Would Dave Brandon threaten to break Michigan's own attendance record and hopelessly conflict a ton of people when Michigan inevitably plays a bowl game on the same day? Yes. The curly fries are very convincing, and there is at least one dollar in it.

How could I not be cynical enough about a man who made millions selling cardboard-crusted, not-real-cheesed pizzas and drastically under-cheesed Cheezy Bread at Domino's, as you have heard in recent attack ads paid for by Domino's? I'll calibrate accordingly.

Reports have surfaced that the NHL's offer to play their Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium moved Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon...presumably to a bigger house, and the deal is close to being finalized.

The next issue to deal with is appeasing the Detroit Red Wings, the city of Detroit, and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, who also owns Comerica Park, the other proposed site for the Winter Classic. While making history is cool and all, they'd also like their own slice of the giant money pie.

ESPN's Scott Burnside suggests the solution to that might be hosting the Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium, but also building a second outdoor rink at Comerica park to host all ancillary events, including, potentially the Great Lakes Invitational. Give credit to the excellent Tech Hockey Guide for being the first to make the case for hosting the GLI at Comerica Park.

I still have a list of pretty list of reservations about this, as currently rumored, but I also think it just could work out.