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WCHA and CCHA to Discuss Merger

There was some great work done by the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune to break a story on the CCHA sitting down to discuss a possible merger with the WCHA.

That proposed deal would seem to be much more beneficial to the remaining CCHA teams than it would be for the WCHA, but it is nice to see the WCHA at least willing to sit down with them and trying to find a way to make things work for everyone. If a deal can't be worked out to bring those other teams into the fold, a better solution might be to create some sort of scheduling alliance between the left out CCHA schools and the WCHA.

In any case, the article also reports that Notre Dame will announced on August 15th which conference they will grace with their apparently fortune-making not-quite-5000-seat arena. Once that domino falls into place, hopefully the rest of college hockey's realignment will follow.