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Ferris State Joins the WCHA and Other Notes

Yesterday, Ferris State became the third team to accept the WCHA's invitation to join their conference. That puts the WCHA at 9 teams, likely for the very short term. Now, the WCHA is just waiting to hear back from Western Michigan and Bowling Green as to what their intentions are.

Western Michigan was waiting to see what Notre Dame decided to do before making any decisions, at least through the first seven times Notre Dame decided to delay making that announcement. The Broncos have waited long enough though, and are now saying they will make their own decision independent of what Notre Dame decides to do. Reading between the lines, Western said they won't travel to Hockey East, and they're unlikely to get a Secondary Six bid on their own, leaving the WCHA as their only real option. Western athletic director Kathy Beauregard said there hasn't been any discussion of exit fees if they join the WCHA, but then are asked to join the Secondary Six at a later date. So far, the exit fee for leaving the WCHA to go to the Secondary Six has only been a school's integrity.

As for Bowling Green, athletic director Greg Christopher said the Falcons are "tracking towards the WCHA", which they seem to feel is the best fit for their program.

Meanwhile, Ferris State and Lake Superior were both asked to upgrade their arenas, which they have agreed to do.