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Classes have started at a lot of schools in college hockey, which means that hopefully we can start putting this long summer behind us. We've definitely reached the dog days. The good news is that we're just a few weeks away from the junior season starting and about a month and a half away from the college season starting.

The Secondary Six announced that their main league offices will be in Boston Colorado Springs.

Meanwhile, the remaining teams in the WCHA and CCHA--and Notre Dame no longer considers itself in that category-- held another meeting in Chicago to discuss their futures. Nothing firm came out of the meetings, but the key points, according to Adam Wodon, seem to be that Alaska and Lake Superior are extremely interested in joining the WCHA, and the Atlantic Hockey schools are a little leery about joining a six team conference, since Niagara and Robert Morris were in a similar situation once before with the CHA. Alabama-Huntsville would be a natural fit to help that conference's numbers, but how much energy and commitment would be left in the left-out CCHA schools after their teams were basically gerrymandered into irrelevance? There's really no logical way to divide things up without ending up with at least a couple of programs as a remainder.

It's been a very busy couple weeks of recruiting for many teams as some of the top '95 birthdates started making their college choices. NTDP forwards Dawson Cook and Luke Voltin chose Notre Dame and North Dakota respectively. The US Select 17 team, forwards Andrew Oglevie and Trevor Moore committed to Notre Dame and Denver respectively, while defenseman Garrett Cecere chose Colorado College. Maple Grove defenseman Jordan Gross, who made that team, but missed the tournament due to injury, will also be playing his college hockey at Notre Dame. Meanwhile, Michigan Tech has started recruiting younger players now that Mel Pearson is their head coach. They picked up a commitment from Illinois forward Jake Kauppila.

The Minnesota Hockey Hub is running down a list of the top 100 Minnesota high school players ever. The first nine are up so far, and there are some interesting reads in there.