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How to Save College Hockey

Because I'm an ideas person:

1. Have Alaska-Anchorage, Bemidji State, Colorado College, Denver, Michigan Tech, Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota State, Nebraska-Omaha, North Dakota, and St. Cloud State withdraw from the WCHA.

2. Create super conference called "Conference of No Bruces"

3. Invite former Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch. It's no Bruces; we're allowed one.

4. Set minimum entrance standards at a level that are reachable for all teams, but stringent enough to force teams to put serious effort into their program.

5. Invite all former WCHA schools into new conference. Fill spots vacated by Minnesota and Wisconsin with Notre Dame, any MAC schools that meet criteria.

6. Hire leader for new conference that will negotiate a television deal for the conference, be serious about league discipline, and not tell incredibly boring, pointless stories.

Do all that and I bet you'd have a conference that would have great hockey, and wouldn't need to get down on its hands and knees to beg another team to join if they ever needed to add one.

Incidentally, aside from being full of great ideas, I've also done enough professional writing that I could probably throw together a pretty kick-ass resignation letter, should anyone out there need one. That might solve this current mess as well.