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Minnesota State-Moorhead Announcing Something Tomorrow

Minnesota State-Moorhead has called a press conference for 1pm tomorrow afternoon to make an announcement regarding the status of their exploration of starting a Division I hockey team.

This isn't the first that we've heard from Minnesota State-Moorhead. Two years ago, with Bemidji State desperately searching for a dance partner to help them get into the WCHA, Moorhead floated the idea that they'd be interested in starting a hockey program. The idea went nowhere since it was pretty clear the WCHA wouldn't be that interested in expanding to Moorhead.

But since then, the situation has changed quite a bit. Six of the WCHA's biggest program have left the conference--and another has joined, and then left--leaving the WCHA looking for teams. Northern Michigan's impending announcement that they will move to the WCHA brings the conference to six teams, the minimum they need, but getting up to eight teams would be more ideal.

Moorhead reportedly had a donor lined up to help fund the program last time around, so maybe I was a bit too dismissive of them(and of Boondock Saints II, which, minus Sean Patrick Flannery's horrifying plastic surgery, I'd describe as 'at least serviceable') Add in that they'll have another two years to try and raise funds, and perhaps they could get it done.

The real question will be the long-term sustainability of the program. The WCHA was a much more financially lucrative enterprise back in 2009 when they considered entering. Travel expenses may be less in the new WCHA though. At the very least, tomorrow's announcement should give the WCHA another avenue to explore.