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We Are Exciting to Secondary Six Linkorama

The Secondary Six's Twitter fiasco moves forward. Sadly, the Twitter Egg is gone, replaced by the conference name is giant blue letters. The conference tried to move forward by posting a link to their Facebook page, which of course was actually a link to the North Dakota Hockey Facebook page.

The good news is the Secondary Six was able to become a trending topic on Twitter immediately following the announcement, thanks in most part to everyone saying, "That's seriously what they picked?" If only Twitter had existed back in the 1930's so the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei could have said, "At least we're trending!"

The Secondary Six also started their first ever meme with the now-deleted "We are exciting to announce the formation of the NCHC." An error North Dakota sports information director Jayson Hajdu blamed on North Dakota head coach Dave Hakstol mistyping. At the very least, today's face-palming errors leave no question which school is driving the bus for the Secondary Six. The question is what direction are they heading in?

The WCHA and CCHA officially responded to today's press conference. Here is the WCHA's release, and the CCHA's release. It's probably the best they could have done considering the circumstances.

The event today was hosted by Bobby Goldwater of the Goldwater Group and Stafford Sports. Goldwater has a pretty sketchy track record to say the least.

Brad Schlossman brought up the fact that today's press conference was so short because of the hour of interviews planned afterwards. I guess I forgot how much this group struggles to do things in public and has to work behind closed doors.

So when NBC/Versus starts researching the viability of putting the Secondary Six on their network, hopefully they don't look at websites that they actually own. Not that NBC has the editorial synchronicity of Fox News, but it still doesn't look good.