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So.....That Was It?

The Secondary Six held their press conference today to announce why the Broadmoor House holds a historic place in college hockey.

The real meat came in the last 5 minutes of the 20-minute press conference though, when they also announced the name of their new conference by dramatically pulling some scotch tape off a banner to reveal the name: The National Collegiate Hockey Conference. Some might say the banner looked cheap, but not when you factor in that they probably had to get the rush shipping from VistaPrint, which is how they get you.

Otherwise, that was about it. There were about four questions asked at the press conference, none of which could be heard by people watching online, and none of the answers provided any sort of information about a plan for the future.

One of the reported goals of this new conference was to do a better job branding itself than the WCHA did for those schools. The number one perception that the Secondary Six was going to have to fight was the idea that this conference was thrown together very quickly out of spite. With their Times New Roman banner, hilarious new Twitter account which featured a typo in the league's first official tweet, and the generic Twitter Egg as their logo, and no real concrete plans for the future, they most certainly did not.