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Belle Tire goalie and NTDP camp attendee Ian Jenkins was seriously injured in a car accident on Thursday night. Jenkins was a second round pick of the London Knights and seemed to be leaning in that direction. Details were still very limited, but internet reports had him getting emergency brain surgery last night. Jenkins was one of the premier goal tending prospects in the US for his age group, but that takes a backseat to concern for his general well-being. Best wishes to a swift and thorough recovery.

A diarist at MGoblog wrote a pretty fascinating three-part series on his journey through his OHL Draft year and his ultimate decision to skate in the O rather than the NCAA. It's a very interesting read. Here's Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

May's edition of the Red Line Report is out. JT Miller is 9th and Rocco Grimaldi 10th. That's about the only site putting American prospects in the top ten, though usual disclaimers apply about Red Line being the most blatant about using their rankings to stir up controversy and attention.

Merrimack beat writer Mike McMahon speculates on Notre Dame and Miami moving to Hockey East. I'm not sure why Miami always seems to get singled out, but it's pretty unlikely that the RedHawks will end up in a difference conference from their fellow MAC schools.

St. Louis Blues beat writer Andy Strickland tweeted today that he was told Colorado College's Jaden Schwartz is definitely returning to Colorado College, which clears up any question there.

Michigan is expected to name a replacement for Mel Pearson early next week, and it appears to be down to three former players as finalists: Matt Herr, Bill Muckalt, and Brian Wiseman.