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After Max Domi was drafted by Kingston last Saturday, I was kind of waffling between, "Domi has a deal worked out with Kingston," and "Yeah, but it's Kingston". Final verdict: "Yeah, but it's Kingston". If Domi's lies seemed especially sincere about playing college hockey post-draft, it's because we all got a bit blinded by the obvious connection between the Domi family and the Fronts and forgot the golden rule that nobody wants to play for a franchise run that poorly.

The latest rumors today have Kingston trading Domi to the London Knights, and Domi signing with the Knights. London was strongly rumored as a destination for Domi prior to the draft, and apparently that's where he had a deal worked out before Kingston took him one spot earlier. To add to the comedy, one of the major pieces of that deal could be Knights defenseman Scott Harrington, a Kingston-area kid that lied through his teeth the week before his OHL Draft to avoid going to Kingston and drop to the Knights.

Meanwhile, BU recruit Anthony DeAngelo may not be signed, sealed, and delivered to Sarnia just yet. DeAngelo enjoyed his rookie season in Cedar Rapids and seems open to returning there, though apparently his parents are pushing for him to sign in the OHL. Sarnia seems to be setting themselves up for a big run next season, and adding a defenseman like DeAngelo would go a very long way towards that. I suspect DeAngelo will have a tough time saying no when the Sting put on the full court press to sign him.

One player that dropped in the OHL Draft was Toronto Marlies forward Bryson Cianfrone, who made a commitment to Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, is reporting that Brandon Burlon "may be changing his mind" about going pro. It's said that he'd have to do something to get back in the good graces of his team after saying he wanted to leave, but I think the embarrassment of the Devils hanging up the phone when they realized the '734' area code calling them wasn't Jon Merrill is penance enough.

Earlier this year, Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves said he was comfortable with incoming freshman Joel Rumpel taking over the goaltending duties for Wisconsin full-time, and being backed up only by walk-on junior Mitch Thompson. But the Badgers added a little insurance in the form of NAHL goalie Landon Peterson, who will also serve as a back-up to Rumpel next year.

Mel Pearson was officially introduced as Michigan Tech's hockey coach.

Princeton recruit Zach Hyman is rethinking his college choice after tearing up his Canadian Tier II league and after Princeton head coach Guy Gadowsky left for Penn State. No word on if a decision is being delayed because the firm advising him is so busy hating gay people.