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Penn State Hires Guy Gadowsky

Penn State announced their new head hockey coach yesterday, which was strange enough that they sent out a press release on a Sunday, but even weirder considering it was Easter Sunday. I guess count Penn State in the camp that believes Jesus gets enough attention for His birthday.

Anyway, their choice was ex-Princeton head coach Guy Gadowsky. Gadowsky was the coach that had moderate success at Alaska-Fairbanks, moved on to a bigger school, had some early NCAA tournament success, has tailed off in recent years, and isn't Don Lucia.

Gadowsky is a pretty intense coach that has earned a lot of respect for the work he's done over his career. Not only is he taking over at what should be a pretty major program, but he'll get every new coach's dream, which is to build his own roster from scratch.

For what it's worth, Minnesota-Duluth head coach Scott Sandelin was never officially offered the job, though he was still undecided on if he would take it, and that hesitation may have played a factor in Penn State's decision, since they probably didn't want to drag this on any longer than they had to.