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North Dakota's Chay Genoway signed a free agent contract with the Minnesota Wild. Meanwhile, Colorado signed his North Dakota teammate Brad Malone.

The US U18 team is getting warmed up in Germany, in an attempt to defend their gold medal.

Bernie McBain, father of former Wisconsin D Jamie McBain, and AAA hockey kingpin in Minnesota, is in the midst of a lawsuit against Minnesota Hockey. It's a difficult issue to take sides on, if only because neither side acquits themselves very well.

Two players from the Los Angeles Selects Midget Minor team have signed WHL contracts. Chase DeLeo signed with Portland, and Brian Williams signed with Tri-City. Some people thought it was odd that Williams wasn't invited to the NTDP tryout camp, but that probably explains it.

Joining the NTDP next year will be defenseman Keaton Thompson. Thompson is the first North Dakota native to earn a bid to the team since Quinn Fylling. Fargo was hoping a late season stint with the Force this season would help keep Thompson in their program, but apparently that didn't work.

I mentioned Burnsville's Eddie Wittchow's quick ascent up the NHL Central Scouting rankings on Monday, and it looks like Wittchow is becoming quite the sought after prospect. He'll visit Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado College, with Wisconsin sounding like the favorite. Impressed as I was with Wittchow this year, I still put him in the category of players I'd like to watch in the USHL for a year before making any firm commitments.

Wisconsin might lose Jordy Murray because the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation might be closing a loophole, in which Murray could be classified as a non-import player.