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NCAA Tournament Day 2 Discussion

There's six games today in what is arguably the most important day on the college hockey calendar. I'll try to keep things updated throughout the day with thoughts, but regardless, feel free to use this post to comment on any thoughts you might have throughout the games today.

5:52- North Dakota cruised past RPI with no problem. Matt Frattin continued making his Hobey statement with a pair of points.

The big upset is Miami continuing their Dynasty of failure against Hockey East by losing to New Hampshire by a score of 3-1, in New Hampshire. I'm sure the beat writer for Miami's student paper needs consoling. Guy Who Forgot to Shave For The Past Three Days, I'm looking in your direction.

That makes the number 1 seeds .500 in this year's tournament, and moves their first round mark to 11-9 in the last five years.