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NCAA Tournament Day 1 Discussion

Duluth seemed to cruise past Union with a 2-0 victory. Yale won in overtime, keeping everyone from ripping up their brackets.

I'm sure the Michigan/Nebraska-Omaha ending will generate quite a bit of discussion. It's not every day you see a game end after such a long goal review. I'll hopefully be able to post the video later tonight, but I think if you triangulate the overhead shot that shows Faulkner's pads behind the goal line, and the opposite end shot that shows the puck on his pads, you come up with a pretty good feeling that the puck was over the line. I think you can make out the puck under his skate in the overhead shot as well. Still, I was only about 90% sure it was a goal, which is a pretty long ways from the 100% needed. Michigan has had two tournament runs end in the past decade on goal reviews that while technically correct by the letter of the law, probably should have been goals, so perhaps you could say it was their time.

It's been a pretty solid start to the tournament so far. Hopefully the next five first round games are just as good.

UPDATE: 1.Colorado College? I don't think anybody saw CC dominating Boston College the way they did. CC is about as likable a team as there is, and it's great to see a WCHA team taken down a top eastern school.

2. Here's a pretty good photo of Michigan's overtime goal. I don't think you can say for sure that the puck is over the line, but like I said, if you compare that shot with where Faulkner's pads are in the overhead shot, it's tough to say the puck didn't cross the line.

I've seen a lot of people go for the technicality argument that the refs shouldn't have counted it because it wasn't 100% conclusive, and I'm usually of the camp that if it takes that long to do the review, it probably isn't a goal. But the most important thing is that the correct call is made, and in this instance, I think the correct call was made. The argument that the refs shouldn't end a team's season like that doesn't really fly. The only thing worse than ending a season like that is not counting the goal and having the other team's season end after legally scoring the winning goal in overtime. That's a feeling Michigan fans are pretty familiar with.