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15 Chances to Be Wrong--My NCAA Tournament Picks

These are hilariously wrong every year, but what the hell. I figured I'd get my picks down in good old fashioned 1's and 0's before the tournament started just in case this is the year I show that maybe I know what I'm doing.

Also, in what has become an annual tradition, I'll be picking a bracket based off the flip of a coin. Coin struggled a bit last year, so I'm going to switch things up and go with a nickel instead of a quarter. Also, to increase the odds, I'll give the higher seed tails in every flip since science has proven that coin flips are almost usually tails.

Here we go.

West Regional

Yale vs. Air Force: Me: Yale, Thomas Jefferson: Yale

Union vs. Minnesota-Duluth: Me: UMD, TJ: Union(Which is ironic from such a staunch anti-federalist)

Regional Final: Me: Yale, TJ: Yale

Northeast Regional

Miami vs. New Hampshire: Me: New Hampshire, TJ: New Hampshire

Merrimack vs. Notre Dame: Me: Merrimack, TJ: Notre Dame

Regional Final: Me: Merrimack TJ: New Hampshire

Not-Really-Midwest Regional

North Dakota vs. RPI: Me: North Dakota, TJ: North Dakota

Denver vs. Western Michigan: Me: Denver, TJ: Denver

Regional Final: Me: Denver, TJ: North Dakota

West Regional

Boston College vs. Colorado College: Me: Boston College TJ: Colorado College

Michigan vs. Nebraska-Omaha: Me: UNO, TJ: Nebraska-Omaha

TJ appears to have some bias towards territories he purchased from France.

Regional Final: Me: Boston College, TJ: Nebraska-Omaha

Frozen Four

Me: Yale over Merrimack, Boston College over Denver, Boston College over Yale

Great-Grandfather of Easy Mac: Yale over New Hampshire, North Dakota over Nebraska-Omaha, Yale over North Dakota