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The fine folks at Northland Films and USCHO are teaming up this year to host an NCAA Tournament Pick'em contest.

Alaska suffered a fairly rare early departure when defenseman Joe Sova signed with the New Jersey Devils. Sova had a great career at Alaska. He's got the size for the pro game and contributed nicely in the offensive zone in college.

Also, the Devils signed Minnesota's Mike Hoeffel. A high round draft pick getting offered a pro contract after his time at Minnesota is perhaps more newsworthy than it should be after debacles like Fischer and White.

The NTDP announced the first seven players that will be begin making up next year's NTDP U17 team. Three of them are Boston College commits: Scott Savage, Steve Santini, and Brandon Shea. Michigan recruit JT Compher, uncommitted defenseman Will Butcher and uncommitted forwards Connor Chatham and Hudson Fasching. That's a really great start to that team. I'm expecting this to be a very strong group.

Fasching choosing to leave Apple Valley is an interesting development to the Minnesota high school scene for next year. Perhaps his teammate might consider a move to Ann Arbor as well, if a spot opened up, or at least playing in the USHL next year.

You know how I know it's a not a great idea to get punched in the head for a living? Tie Domi is going out of his way to lie to people so his son can end up in Kingston. People from Kingston don't even want to play for Kingston.(Actually, people from Kingston especially don't want to play for Kingston) Maybe Domi is high-profile enough that it will shed more light on just how dirty the OHL is, but most likely, this will draw nothing than a single statement from David Branch about how they'll maybe look into investigating it or something, and then it will never be heard from again.

Here's Danny Kristo's version of what happened the night he got frostbite.

North Dakota's Brad Malone ran into--only figuratively this time--Jesse Martin at the Final Five. Martin doesn't give Malone a particularly ringing endorsement, perhaps rightfully. Things were fairly quiet in regards to Martin this past weekend considering it was the first meeting between the two teams since the incident. Then again, perhaps the standard for that sort of thing has been set artificially high by certain fans in the WCHA in recent years.