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In case you worried that no one in Libya was calling Muammar Qaddafi a chump, or a wuss, or a dooooooooouchebag, or whatever else has been tacked on to Michigan's penalty chant these days, rest assured, this guy is up to the task. There's your real Guardian, NHL marketing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You can dress in pajamas 24 hours a day, you can brutally repress a people for over 40 years, but you just absolutely cannot refer to them as "horrible people," or you will get what you deserve.

According to Chris Heisenberg, Penn State picked up their first two recruits, which caused some confusion on the internets because Penn State have, like, a coach or anything. They seem likely to play a couple years with PSU's club team, and then have a shot at playing varsity when the program starts up, so that Penn State doesn't go into their inaugural season with 26 underclassmen.

Notre Dame had three goals disallowed in their Saturday game against Western Michigan, a 2-0 loss that cost them the CCHA title.

USA Hockey is taking applications for the Brian Fishman internship, which is pretty much the pinnacle if you're an American that loves hockey and wants to work in the communications field.

This Pairwise Blog gets linked, if only for the tag line "...the only postseason system worse than the BCS".

Oh how Don Lucia wishes this post on the illusion of intangibles was actually true.

Denver's Nick Shore talked with Hockey's Future.

Michigan's Louie Caporusso is going to be on The Pipeline Show tonight. Perhaps there will be an update on the knee injury Caporusso suffered last Friday night, that kept him out of last Saturday's game. The good news is that Michigan has next week off, and could probably get by without Caporusso the following weekend when they play Lake Superior or lower in the second round.