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It was announced yesterday that North Dakota defenseman Chay Genoway will miss three to five weeks with a leg injury suffered in last Friday's loss to Colorado College. That's a really tough break for Genoway, who I think really would have improved his pro prospects if he could have come back and been healthy all year. Of course, this is obviously a very different injury from what he suffered last year, so maybe you just chalk it up to bad luck.

Ferris State had to retreat back home yesterday because of bad weather after trying to get to the airport so they could begin the trek to Fairbanks. As a result, the teams have decided to play the Friday night game on Sunday, instead.

Canadian outlet RDS did a long feature piece on Shattuck-St. Mary's Nathan MacKinnon. It's mostly in French, except for MacKinnon and Shattuck coach Tom Ward. MacKinnon seems pretty intent on playing in the Q someday, which isn't unexpected, but it looks like there could be a bit of a showdown this summer. The number one pick is likely to go to Baie-Comeau or Rouyn-Noranda, while MacKinnon said he would much prefer to go to a team known more for developing 16-year-old's bank accounts(Paraphrase. And I may have a few added words MacKinnon forgot to say.)

Rouyn-Noranda's GM said if he wins the lottery, he'll pick MacKinnon and he can either report or not play at all. That's tough talk, but likely just posturing to get a few more picks--and you can see how valuable draft picks are for a team that no one wants to play for-- when one of those big money teams comes through with "an incredible offer" and he makes the trade.

USA Today's Kevin Allen takes a look at the Top 15 American Draft Prospects.

The United States of Hockey has kept up with its great coverage ever since the World Juniors, this time with a nice interview with Rocco Grimaldi.