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Updated CCHA Standings

The higher-rated team won all five CCHA games on Friday night. I'll list where each team is in the standings, and the spots they could potentially finish in.

1. Notre Dame-59 pts. (1st or 2nd)

2. Michigan- 58 pts (1st or 2nd)

3. Miami- 52 pts (3rd)

4. Ferris State- 43 pts (4th,5th)

5. Western Michigan- 41 pts (4th, 5th, 6th)

6. Northern Michigan- 39 pts (5th, 6th)

7. Alaska- 38 pts (7th, 8th)

8. Lake Superior- 37 pts (6th, 7th, 8th)

9. Ohio State- 36 pts (9th)

10. Michigan State-32 pts (10th)

11. Bowling Green- 15 pts (11th)

Notre Dame's magic number to clinch the league title is three. Any combination of three points won or points lost by Michigan is all it will take.

Home ice is essentially set. Ohio State, Michigan State, and Bowling Green will all be on the road in the first round. Either Michigan State or Ohio State will have to make the long trip to Alaska.

The real drama is in the 4-6 spot. Ferris State has a two point lead on Western Michigan, but WMU still has one more shot at getting three points. Western would have to win in regulation tomorrow, since Ferris holds the tiebreaker over them.

Northern Michigan is now fighting to get into the fifth and final bye spot. It's not a huge deal for the first round, since I don't think they'd have a huge problem with Bowling Green, but is incredibly important in the second round, because there's a huge difference between drawing whoever finishes 4th and drawing Miami in the second round.