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By now, I'm sure most have heard the sad news out of Grand Forks that North Dakota forward Danny Kristo is out indefinitely after suffering frostbite on his right foot that required him to be transferred to a hospital in St. Paul. There's really no point in speculating how this happened--and I've seen the speculation on Kristo's culpability in this go overboard in both directions--and instead, just wish for a speedy, and most importantly full recovery. Kristo will always be a special player around here for his heroics in bringing home a World Junior gold medal, and it would be a shame to see that kind of potential lost.

The Denver Post asked George Gwozdecky if he was interested in coaching at Michigan State and surprise, surprise, he said "at this point, I'm not interested at all". I'm not sure what other answer anyone would have expected since he's kind of busy right now trying to coach Denver's team. I'd still be surprised if Gwozdecky was behind the bench in East Lansing next season, but his moving to MSU would probably only cause me to raise one eyebrow, not both.

The Scouting Report did their Mid-Season Top 60 NHL Draft rankings. They don't have anybody in Minnesota or Europe, so it's a bit of repackaging other work, but there's a few interesting insights in it.

The market for college free agents is starting to shape itself a bit. Two players to keep an eye on are Brown's Jack Maclellan and Harry Zolniercyzk, who are both starting to draw some big interest. Both are likely more borderline NHL guys than top line forwards, with Maclellan being a little more skilled, and Zolniercyzk being the more hard-nosed player.

College Hockey Inc.'s Paul Kelly was on the radio last night and discussed the possibility of Toronto bidding on, and winning a Frozen Four bid. All jokes about the Leafs not playing in April, Phil Kessel never playing in a Frozen Four because of Holy Cross, and holding our National Grammar Rodeo in Winnipeg aside, a TO F4 would be pretty sweet. Sign me up.

This has nothing to do with college hockey, but this is a pretty sweet goalie helmet.