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There's no shock here, but Jake Gardiner will almost definitely be signing with Toronto once Wisconsin's season is done. Gardiner has had a great year, and not much left to prove at the college level from a personal standpoint. put together a nice piece on the formation of the NTDP.

Seedings are coming out for the Minnesota high school hockey tournament. You can see the brackets that have been decided here.

Last weekend, a contest-winning couple got married during the Nebraska-Omaha/Wisconsin game. I also mentioned i the weekend recap that UNO received a pretty sizable donation. Here's an article that talks more about it. For all the Blais love out there, it's worth remembering that Omaha is a deceptively big city, with a lot of money floating around, and that could play a pretty huge part in keeping UNO relevant as a hockey program for years to come.

Here is the Michigan hockey team's entry into Michigan's Mock Rock competition. Thank goodness for Scooter Vaughn, or that might have been uncomfortable.

If you didn't get enough hockey during the last week's designated "Hockey Day," this weekend is Hockey Weekend Across America. Chris Peters' United States of Hockey has all sorts of great stuff to get your in the mood for the weekend.

Both of the Schwartz brothers look like they'll be able to play this weekend as Colorado College travels to Bemidji. That's pretty huge for the Tigers home ice and NCAA tournament hopes.