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Moorhead Nears Funding Deadline

The Fargo-Moorhead InForum had a bit of an update today on Minnesota State-Moorhead and their quest to raise the $37 million needed to start their own Division I hockey program.

When initially announced, the school said they needed to raise $22 million in three months in order to start the program. But those three months came and went without MSUM raising any money, so the deadline was pushed back to the end of the calendar year, and the donation goal trimmed to a more modest $15 million.

Now, with just under three weeks left in the year, MSUM athletic director Doug Peters says the Dragons have "more" than the original $15 million they started with, but would not specify a figure. At this point, it has to look pretty grim that they make it to that total.

The next question is whether or not MSUM can push that deadline back again, or if this is the last opportunity for the hockey program. The goal has been to start a team and join a conference by the time conference realignment starts in 2013-2014 so they may be running out of time.