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Boston University's top scoring forward Corey Trivino is no longer with the team after being arrested for indecent assault. BU moved into the top ten in the country this past week, and the top five of the RPI, so they're having a strong season, but losing Trivino could definitely hurt. If you want more extended details of the incident, they are here.

I gave up on Saturday's Minnesota-Michigan Tech game midway though the third period after a potential game-tying goal for Michigan Tech went off the post, and Minnesota extended their lead to 4-2. Tech was clearly out of gas after a pretty impressive weekend, and Minnesota cruised to a 6-2 win. But I also missed some late game fireworks between the two coaching staffs.

The Minnesota State/Alabama-Huntsville series was a pretty inconsequential non-conference series, but did raise an interesting rules question. On Saturday, Minnesota State scored a goal on a breakaway with the referee's arm clearly raised, indicating a penalty on Alabama-Huntsville. Normally, when a goal is scored on a delayed penalty, the scoring team still gets the power play, but the officiating crew that night said that because the infraction would have been called a penalty shot, rather than a regular minor penalty, it was canceled out by the goal. The NCAA rulebook doesn't seem to have a clear interpretation on it. It'd be nice to have that sorted out before it came up in a game of importance.

I said Michigan's Phil DiGiuseppe needed a great camp to have any shot of making Canada's World Juniors roster, especially after Devante Smith-Pelly and Brett Connolly were released to play by their respective NHL teams. After the first day, he appears to be doing that. DiGiuseppe scored a goal in Canada's first scrimmage by beating Everett defenseman Ryan Murray on a rush down the right wing, and cutting in towards the net to finish off the goal. PDG also added an assist as his team won 3-2. Canada is extremely deep at forward, but if PDG continues to be one of the team's top scoring threats, he might be tough to leave off.So far, he survived the first round of seven cuts. 12 more players still need to go though to get down to the final roster.

Denver's Beau Bennett had wrist surgery last week, and will miss 6-to-8 weeks. Bennett played with the injured wrist before getting surgery though, making three straight years Denver has put a pretty seriously injured high NHL draft pick into the lineup.

Former Denver recruit Connor Honey talks about his decision to leave Green Bay of the USHL for the WHL. At the time of his departure Green Bay head coach-GM Derek Lalonde put out a press release saying Honey "couldn't balance school and hockey"(Which A) seems kind of catty B)only seems to be done by Denver, or in this case a former Denver coach). Meanwhile, Honey keeps his reasons for leaving pretty vague.

The Michigan Daily put out a long feature on Mike Milano, the guy who cracked open Boston Bruin Steve Kampfer's skull three years ago. Milano is out to give his side of the story now that he has a book to sell, which incidentally, sounds like it could be one of the worst books ever written(Title: "Michigan Men?...?" Sadly, only the second question mark is mine). In any case, Milano's story is a counterpoint to the story that has been told up to this point, which was mostly Kampfer's side. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle, with plenty of blame to go around. The injuries Kampfer suffered are undeniable though. Also undeniable is that it is a terrible idea to put an ominous, accusatory question mark in the title of your book.