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Top Minnesota High School Hockey Players by Class--December 2011 Edition

Back in 2008, I began keeping a Word document that ranked every Minnesota high school player I saw play by what class they were in. It's a constantly growing and changing list, and every so often, I post it to give sort of a snapshot of where I think things stand. With the high school season now fully underway, I thought I'd post it again.

Caveats always abound with this list. The list only contains players I've seen so the northern and southern parts get the shaft a little bit, and there's likely a lot of good players I missed, especially the further down you go. With the underclassmen, there's a little bit of a bias towards older juniors/sophomores/freshman because that extra half-a-year to year of development tends to make a difference(Suck on that, Malcolm Gladwell). The list is constantly changing though, so those things tend to work themselves out.

Looking back at the past four groups of graduating seniors since I started this list, the number of players that end up committing to play Division I college hockey is in the high 20s in a good year, and in the low 20s in a down year.

The list is after the jump.


  1. Justin Kloos-F-Lakeville South(Minnesota)
  2. Will Merchant-F-Eagan
  3. Christian Horn-Benilde-St. Margaret’s
  4. Michael Zajac-F-Eagan
  5. Trevor Olson-F-Duluth East
  6. Dylan Steman-F-Maple Grove
  7. Jake Randolph-F-Duluth East
  8. Grant Opperman-F-Breck(Dartmouth)
  9. Eli May-D-Eagan
  10. Ian Janco-D-Bloomington Jefferson
  11. Jared Thomas-F-Hermantown
  12. Aaron Dolby-D-Osseo
  13. Eric Schurhamer-D-St. Thomas Academy(Maine)
  14. CJ Franklin-F-Forest Lake
  15. Jake Horton-D-Benilde
  16. Miles Death-D-Wayzata
  17. Austin Rudnick-D-Breck
  18. Lucas Kohls-F-Forest Lake
  19. Phil Boje-D-Mounds View
  20. Erik Baskin-F-Minnetonka
  21. Jay Dickman-F-St. Paul Johnson
  22. Jake Oborsky-F-Benilde
  23. Nate Repensky-D-Duluth East
  24. Dom Toninato-F-Duluth East
  25. Charlie Sampair-F-Hill-Murray
  26. Travis Underwood-F-Grand Rapids
  27. Jared Kolquist-D-Hermantown
  28. Cory Chapman-F-Burnsville
  29. Jordan Stejskal-D-Grand Rapids
  30. Nate Flynn-F-Hastings
  31. Matt Pohlkamp-F-Brainerd
  32. Peter Krieger-F-St. Thomas Academy
  33. Matt Halverson-D-Wayzata
  34. Derek Smith-D-Apple Valley
  35. Zach Hnath-F-Rogers
  36. Judd Peterson-F-Duluth Marshall
  37. Anders Franke-G-Elk River
  38. Spenser Bell-F-Maple Grove
  39. Tony Paulson-F-Maple Grove
  40. Trevor Meador-F-Holy Angels
  41. Andrew Commers-F-St. Thomas
  42. Jonah Johnson-D-Benilde
  43. Charlie Heller-D-Lakeville South
  44. Sam Rothstein-F-Minnetonka
  45. Nick Larsen-F-Centennial
  46. Connor Andrle-F-Breck
  47. Wes Iverson-F-Breck
  48. Garrett Schmitz-D-Red Lake Falls
  49. Sam Majka-F-Wayzata
  50. Alex Mason-F-Maple Grove
  51. Nate Mondry-F-Grand Rapids
  52. Eric Bigaouette-D-Chaska
  53. Dylan Lambert-F-Blaine
  54. Joe Hess-D-Centennial
  55. Paige Skoog-G-Duluth East
  56. Nick Auman-D-Spring Lake Park
  57. Andrew Herlofsky-D-Anoka
  58. Taylor Bryan-D-Elk River
  59. Kyle Thorpe-F-Anoka
  60. Nate Kotter-D-Duluth East
  61. Jordan Freberg-D-Maple Grove
  62. Grant Sattler-D-St. Thomas
  63. Michael Prochno-D-Minnetonka
  64. Brandon Jones-G-Spring Lake Park
  65. Max Zebro-D-Centennial


  1. Vinni Lettieri-F-Minnetonka(Minnesota)
  2. Jake Guentzel-F-Hill-Murray
  3. Jordan Gross-D-Maple Grove(Notre Dame)
  4. Michael Brodzinski-D-Blaine(Minnesota)
  5. Lou Nanne-F-Edina(Minnesota)
  6. Dylan Parker-G-Duluth East
  7. Grant Besse-F-Benilde-St. Margaret’s
  8. Zach Lavalle-F-Hill-Murray
  9. Matt Nelson-D-Edina
  10. Connor Thie-F-Minnetonka
  11. Parker Reno-D-Edina
  12. Adam Johnson-F-Virginia(Minnesota-Duluth)
  13. Dan Labosky-F-Benilde-St. Margaret’s
  14. Blake Heinrich-D-Hill-Murray
  15. Jake Bischoff-D-Grand Rapids
  16. Dylan Adler-D-Anoka
  17. T.J. Moore-F-Benilde-St. Margaret’s
  18. Meirs Moore-D-Duluth East
  19. Lance Carney-D-White Bear Lake
  20. Tommy Hajicek-F-East Grand Forks
  21. Frankie Mork-D-Holy Angels
  22. Max Coatta-F-Minnetonka
  23. Bo Brauer-F-Edina
  24. TJ Roo-F-Totino-Grace
  25. Mason Bergh-F-Eden Prairie
  26. Thomas Lindstrom-F-Breck
  27. John Dugas-G-Hill-Murray
  28. Conner Valesano-F-Duluth East
  29. Jake Ahlgren-F-Fergus Falls
  30. Matt Perry-F-St. Thomas Academy
  31. Jono Lindquist-F-Bloomington Jefferson
  32. Austin Swingle-D-St. Cloud Cathedral
  33. Matt Koch-D-Hastings
  34. Nick Anderson-F-Stillwater
  35. Mario Bianchi-F-Holy Angels
  36. Ryan Lundgren-F-Duluth East
  37. Jack Pietruszewski-D-South St. Paul
  38. Kris Manthey-D-Anoka
  39. Levi Talarico-F-Duluth Denfield
  40. Matt Serratore-F-Bemidji
  41. Tanner Okeson-D-Roseau
  42. Jimmy Schuldt-D-Minnetonka
  43. Andrew Kerr-D-Duluth East
  44. Patrick Graham-D-Benilde-St. Margaret’s
  45. Alex Toscano-F-Duluth East
  46. Blake Brazil-F-Fergus Falls
  47. Hunter Schneider-F-Willmar
  48. Hans Gorowsky-F-Centennial
  49. Alex Funk-F-Rochester Lourdes
  50. Joe Nathe-D-Fergus Falls


1. Tyler Sheehy-F-Burnsville

2. Teemu Kivihalme-D-Burnsville

3. Jack Glover-D-Benilde

4. Chase Perry-G-Andover

5. Karson Kuhlman-F-Cloquet

6. Alex Copa-D-Blaine

7. Phil Beaulieu-D-Duluth East

8. Tyler Cline-F-Blaine

9. Joey Lau-F-Blaine

10. Zach Hale-F-Benilde

11. Jack Keeley-F-Eden Prairie

12. Mitch Reinke-D-Stillwater

13. Ryan Collins-D-Benilde

14. Luc Snuggerud-Eden Prairie

15. Tom Muck-D-Eagan

16. Will Hammer-F-St. Cloud Cathedral

17. Johnny Austin-D-Blake

18. Joseph Marooney-F-Holy Family

19. Ian Scheid-D-Blaine

20. Austin Poganski-F-St. Cloud Cathedral

21. Andy Glad-D-Rosemount

22. Andrew Zerban-F-Elk River

23. Jake Cass-D-Stillwater

24. Zach Yon-F-Roseau

25. Josh Passolt-F-St. Louis Park


1. Shane Gersich-F-Holy Family

2. Dylan Malmquist-F-Edina

3. Jack Walker-D-Edina

4. Jake Wahlin-F-White Bear Lake

5. Keegan Iverson-F-Breck